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"For years people have asked me if I offered classes online.  That they wished they could continue training with me but didn't live where I was teaching classes..
Schools, organizations, educators, classrooms, mothers, kids, youth groups, churches looking for my specific style of teaching, after years of dreaming, here it is..
Fred Vassallo
Founder & Instructor
Online Courses
designed to help YOU and every BODY , Live, Move & Be Free" 

current Courses:

Fundamentals of Hip Hop Dance
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Fundamentals Of Hip Hop Dance is a great course for All Levels to increase skill in foundation Hip Hop movement. ENROLL NOW
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NEW Courses Available now:
Training & Performance Routines: Course 1

Training & Performance Routines: Course 2

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upcoming Courses:

  Train Up A Child Course & Curriculum   
Coming Soon.. Stay Tuned ..
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