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of Movement for

Children learn through movement and their future readiness depends on it!

Fundamental Movement skills are the foundation of dance and every physical activity we engage in. They enable agility, balance, and coordination, self awareness and more importantly, they should be developed from an early age.


Did you know that essential brain and cognitive development is specifically connected to the movement of the body? Let's get these kiddos moving!

The Program

FUNdamentals of Movement for Pre-Schoolers is an online program that features 24 videos, Seven-Ten Minutes in length, that the child can follow along with learning the essential Fundamental Locomotor and Non-Locomotor skills in a fun and interactive way. Parents and Caregivers are encouraged to join along with them as they discover Jumping, Galloping, Twisting and Swaying in a in a way that keeps them excited and engaged! Each video focuses on a different skill and can be replayed throughout the week. A helpful and fun checklist will be provided via printable PDF so you can mark off, reward and have progress chart.

Once the program launches, 2 videos will be released each week for 6 weeks. Access to the Video Portal will be here on this page with a secure login once registered.

REGISTER NOW for "Pre-Launch Price"

In-person classes would total upward of $200. for these same sessions.

Lock in the Pre-Launch Pricing now at $75. for the entire program!

Once Launch happens on March 20th, 2024 the program price increases to $125.

Click Here for to pay Pre-Launch Price of $75

Once you have completed payment, fill out form below to Register you and any children to participate:

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